Текст песни Blind Guardian - Battalions Of Fear

Can't believe the things I see
That happens in the state
By a mortal distance that I can't believe
Self destructive infernal
To save us from the breed
But I know that it is all a lie
Star wars begin now
His bombs come exploding
To bring back the death of the night
No mercy he's knowing
How strong he must show us
For the last film you all get a part
Be by my side
Or you've to die
Believe what I do is the right
Soon Armageddon
Last hours are running now
The final solution begins
The words of a madman
No children to tell them
For what they'll not see in the light
Choose by your voice
He kills and destroys
At the end you must die for the night
In earlier chess games
We're playing the part of a soldier
But now we are not qualified
To save our own life
The traps are all placed by command
They are ready to strike
We live and we'll die
By the lies to believe



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