Текст песни Nirvana - Beeswax

Lying here sitting in front of a fire
Not only megan said I could thrive on a shot
Grinning my manhood and judge the mantle
I cut it up for you
Say hey hey
And I wake up
I got my do this way (3x)

She laughs about it
Squeeking inflection when the wind blows just right
Dragging your thumbs of my shirt
How many jumps is in it
Right hey
When I'm getting back
I got my do this way
{incomprehensible babble}

Hear my fucking hate
I got my do this way

If your world is getting ugly
Fiberglass situation is as can as cotton candy
Sunning out to save a ranch you ovulate
Freedom and count out being wrong
I feel you will gladly take it anal
Filly sli reminds me of someone
I understand your fear for the love boat
Don't need to kneel
Save all the cho ho
And I get along
I got my feel this pay
I got a little tale
I got my do this way
{incomprehensible babble}
When you're getting in
I got my do this way

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