A la Carte - Ahe Tamoure

A la Carte - Ahe Tamoure слова, текст песни.

When I was south sea bound on a lovely isle

When the people
they dance and play

a beautiful man with a south sea tan -
He taught me Tahitian .tamoure.
Tahiti come to me
Tahiti man
I see
You with your love that's so true.
I feel your warm soft breeze through the tall palm trees
And my heart
it yearns for you.
Ahe tamoure tamoure -
Sway your hips and tell me stories with your hands.
Ahe tamoure tamoure -
Remind me of sun and shining sands.

His eyes would shine so bright in the morning light
As we moved and felt so free
And when he showed me ways to dance the tamoure -
I knew he would remember me.
I moved my hips just so
just let my body go
And then he moved so close to me.
We danced around an round moved closer to the ground
As the drums played hu-ahe-ni beat.
tamoure tamoure - . . .
Ahe tamoure tamoure -
Ahe tamoure tamoure - . . .

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