Xspace - Enslaved

Xspace - Enslaved слова, текст песни.

by Costin Tuculescu
She thinks she lives in a world,
where she doesn't belong,
she thinks she's found herself,
falling down far.
And all the time she spends,
the further she depends,
and life's children,
are falling down her hands.
But life's passing by too quick,
and her fears are to precious for her to speak,
so she hides herself,
so she hides herself,
Now there's noone alone...
When she goes away,
she goes way too far,
when she's at home,
she's never around.
And all this time,
I just want to say,
"I want you back,
I want you back."
So beautiful,
when you know you can't but you try to see,
So beautiful,
when you can't forgive but you know you'll try.
Try to see if you can,
try to see if you can,
try to see if you can,
you know you'll find yourself run away,
you know you can't so just back off right now!
Try to open up,
for the rest of the world!

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