Bananafishbones & Franka Potente - Easy day

Bananafishbones & Franka Potente - Easy day слова, текст песни.

Every day I get up, put my black, plastic securitysuit on, my gasmask leave thecellar and go to work.afraid to be poisoned or trampled by this huge machinery and I think to myself:
What fuck above do I have to thankthat I'm here to live in this shit I don`twanna complain about the acid rainґcause its nice compared to this poison air.and I wish I could just once see the moonoh one gorgeous showso I take it off, yeah that's feeling goodthough I'm deeply sick right away...

Its like dancing in the sunhaving trouble, having funhaving anything you wish to comethen it suddenly smiles your wayand you have an easy day.
What the hell, this must be an antique supermarketwhat am I doing here, god these people drinking milk!!!but the clothes they wear look rather cool to me.I wear the same, what am I doing here?
Excuse me sir, can you help me out?I wanna bake a cake but I don`t know how.No I don't, but I'm sure I willso what do we need for your bakery?
Its like... (Refrain)
Every working morning tired, yawn too often I got firedwondered if there is a god searching for a fishingrodwith hooks that sting right through our hearts, forcing us onto new startslove and knowledge are the way, try to have an easy day.

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