BBMak - I Can Tell

BBMak - I Can Tell слова, текст песни.

It's in the way you caress my face
Like you always used to but so differently
We can smile to hide the shame
Here in the pouring rain waiting for the sun
I'm crying here al alone standing next to you
You have done your best to see it through

But oh babyI can tell by the way that you love me
I can tell that the fire is burning out
Oh baby, I can tell by the way that you hold me

I can tell that the fire is burning out
Moving down an open road asking for our hearts for direction
Cos we're so close
I can see the faded signs leading to the same destinations
But you're not there
We're dancing to the music that ended long ago
You've done everything that you can do

Oh I Oh I Oh I Oh I Oh I
My heart is in the wind drifting over you
I've done everything that I can do

Chorus to fade

Produced by Robin Thicke and Pro-Jay for ThickeGass Productions.
Written by Robin Thicke & James Gass.
(I Like 'Em Thicke Musci Admin, by EMI Music Publishing/Da Gass Co.)

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