Tupac, 2Pac - Crooked Ass Nigga

Tupac, 2Pac - Crooked Ass Nigga слова, текст песни.

Suddenly I see a nigga I don't like
Got 'em
A smoking ass nigga robbed me blind
I got a tek nine now his smoking ass is mine
I guess I felt sorry for the bastard, he was broke
I didn't know he smoked so I didn't watch him close
He caught me on the sneak tip
Now the punks in deep shit
Catch him on the streets, bring him to his feet, quick
Pass the clip, I think I see him coming now
Fuck the bullshit, posse deep and lets run him down
Gots to be the first one to hit yah when we meet
Coming quickly up the street, is the punk ass police
The first one jumped out and said freeze
I popped him in his knees and shot him punk please
These cops are reminded, and get us as when we rush
Now you clear like a bitch cause you don't know how to hush
Now back to the smoke of the robbery
I tell you like Latifah, mutha-fucker give me body
One to the chest, another to his fucking dome
Now the shit can rest, yo tell 'em to leave me the fuck alone
Two very bloody bodies on the streets
A noisey ass cop and a nigga that robbed from me
Well from me, back up punk, how you figure
My fingers on the trigga for you
Crooked ass niggas
Crooked ass niggas
Criminal Behaviour
Suddenly I see a nigga I don't like
More to come...

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