Bob Carlisle - I'm Gonna Be Ready

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Bobby C.
Right over here, noe children
Talk to me
We can talk about anything at all
What so you see?
I can see all the lonely people
all of them looking for the answer
all of them listening for that call

The likes of which I can't seem to remember
The likes of which I just can't recall
So how can it be?
THat even with the hope we have inside us
Still we seem to let those things divide us
that don't amount to anything at all

All your life, you've been prepared
for this single, precious moment in time
When Jesus calls, what will you say?
I'm here, and I'm yours, and my answer,
Lors, is

I'm gonna be ready
I wanna be able
To answer you're every call,
Oh, yes

I'm much more than willing
I've got a desire that's burning like a flame
I'm gonna be ready when you call
my name

Right over here, now, children
Talk to me
ANything that's on your mind
What do you see
I can see all the hungry children
being denied a decent meal to fill them
through no fault of their own

All it takes is simple faith
to turn the situation around
Love can break the strongest chains
So I'm here, and I'm ready
and my heart is saying yes..

Just let me be your hands
Let me touch the hears of this broken world
Father just give me your command
And I'll do anything, I'll go anywhere.

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