Bob Carlisle - Living Water

Bob Carlisle - Living Water слова, текст песни.

I feel Your touch, I can feel Your heart,
As I'm lying here, alone in the dark.
I feel Your voice gently say, "Come to Me."
I long for Your love as the earth longs for the rainfall.
I'm weary - Lord, I've wandered this desert too long.

So come, living water, flow through me like a river,
My heart's been thirsting so long.
Flood through my soul, and pour out your mercy.
Come, living water, fill me.

Lord, so many times You've called my name,
And I've turned my face the other way.
Yet before I even saw the womb, You loved me.
How can I be so blind
When I alone have created my darkness.
Forgive me, and wash me clean again.

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