Bob Carlisle - On My Knees

Bob Carlisle - On My Knees слова, текст песни.

with all my might and still I seem to fall.
I try to walk before I even crawl.
Oh it seems I'm like a child in need again.
A helpless heart
A broken man.

is something that's so very hard to find.
But still I know that true faith must be blind
So I sacrifice my heart to God in prayer
Lay my weakness down
and I'll find you there

I can stand tall
On my knees
I can see forever
On my knees
I can face it all... I feel like
I can climb a mountain
Cause on my knees the world's a little smaller
And I stand taller
On my knees

See a man,
in a garden long ago, kneeling alone,
as the weight of his sins unseen and lives unknown
come to rest upon His weary shoulders
He knew my name
He took my pain, so...

There's a peace that shadows anything
I've known
I lay down every burden
And I'm free...

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