Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - So Long

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - So Long слова, текст песни.

So long my friends, farewell goodbye
I'd love to stay an play and sing for
but it's time to hit the road and say
So long farewell goodbye

Goodbye to my friends I'm glad you
were here
It's time for us to go and get another
Well I like to see your smiling faces
so goodbye my friends bye-bye

Thank you for the open invitation
your kind applause and adulation,
but look at the time lord we got to fly
so long farewell baby bye-bye

Hey there now friends, it's time to go,
but we'll return and do another show
When we come back drop in and say hi
So long farewell bye-bye

So long farewell baby bye-bye,
and now we're leaving with tears in
our eyes
We'll be back soon so don't you cry
So long farewell bye-bye

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