Big Brovaz - Little Mama

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Hey lil' moma why don't
you ever smile?
I know life ain't easy
Bringing up a child, but yo

Listen lil' moma
Cause I'm feeling your pain
I wonder if your baby daddy
out there feeling the same

Where your friend at lil' moma?
They got plans tonight at the club
Wanna get themselves
a man tonight

They done left you all
alone, huh lil' moma
Under pressure on your own
Dealing with the drama
Can you turn to your
family and ask for help
Or would they turn you away
Cause they got problems they self
Lil' moma gotta crib
But it's hell there
No frills gotta live on the welfare

Oh Iil' moma tell me what I can do
To make you smile just one time
And your little one too

Lil' moma just know
Some of us men are true
Lil' moma, this ones for you
Uh, lil' moma


Don't worry, you're stronger
Just hold on a little bit longer
Don't worry, you're stronger
Just hold on a little bit longer

Girl I know your man has left you
With a child on your own
And you find it hard to cope
with all the stress alone
And there's nowhere to run
Can't have any fun
Looking for someone to
be there for you
All your hopes in love are gone
You don't have strength to believe
Gonna take time but you will find that special one that you need
But there's no need to
rush, girl take your time
And you will find the one
that will be true


Hey little mama why
you so depressed?
I know you wondering how
the hell you got in this mess
Your baby daddy's left
baby's last nappy wet
You can't turn to family
when you feel neglect
And I bet you did a couple
of things that you regret
There's always hope there never forget, all you gotter do
is try harder
My mama made it on
her own without my father
Me and two brothers
wonder how she did it
Maybe its because she never
gave up and stayed committed
Barely 16 now gotta deal with this
The pressure make you wanna
slit your wrist but don't
The lord never gives you
more than you can handle
If you keep your head up ain't
no telling what you can do
Little Mama keep the faith,
God will keep you safe
Under his wing all you gotta
do is turn to him
And in the end you won't
regret a thing


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