Big Brovaz - Nu Flow

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Ladies and Gentlemen,
Boys and girls,
It is my pleasure to introduce to you all,
The finest,
The Brightest,
The Meanest,
They swavest with the very best of them all,
The South land collective group,
Known as... (This ain't our group who is it?)


This is big bro (bro)
Takin over the show (show)
With this nu flow (flow)
You need to listen up and feel this shhhhhhhhhhhh
Cos we won't quit (quit)
We'll make them hits and stack them chips (who's this?)

[Verse 1]

This cos I came through the door,
As soon I step in the door,
I see that you hatin my flow,
The cooler flow the soother flow,
We tired of being this poor and
Havin to sleep on the floor,
And workin from 9 to 5,
It's like a 5 dollar home,
Knowin we worth more,
We simply had to settle the score,
Thats why you see these albums and these singles in the store,
It's Big Brotha baby,
Tryin to cash some major big b's,
You messing with my cheese,
and I'll switch dis right so what nigga.


[Verse 2]

It's Dionne,
I bet you won't forget my name,
I've probably maybe,
Prone to get inside ya brain,
My family does the same,
It's BB's time to reign,
We doin them platinum chains,
And all you'z are made for me.

[Verse 3]

You're new
You lose
You wear my shoes
Brand new,
Me and my crew,
Don't try my flow,
If ya tongue don't grow,
You'll lose control,
You'll just wait and come.


[Verse 4]

Hey yo, This is Jade rock,
And I got more skill than average,
Put us together man,
We're more than all of yall can manage,
Cos we be the baddest addict,
Just here to get some practise,
And now it's only more money and it's more madness,
Stock up on a daily basis,
We travel so many places,
Switchin so many tricks,
And mixin up those lyrical faces,
Cos they see the ice and they trip,
They like to ride in your whip,
But all I wanna know is if these girls are riding it OH!

Who's Who's Who's This?

[Verse 5]

This is the N indeed I,
You didn't think I was coming at ya,
Givin you people a different time,
A Big Brotha Maker,
I bet yall didn't think I was,
Writing these beats and makin on paper,
Then I guess I'm a paper chaser,
Sorry yall it's in my nature,

[Chorus x2]

Who's This

Uh Huh (woman)
Uh Huh (Man)
Uh Huh (Woman)

Uh Huh (Man)
Uh Huh (Woman)
Uh Huh (Man)

Who's Who's this?

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