Billy Gilman - Oklahoma

Billy Gilman - Oklahoma слова, текст песни.

Suitcase packed with all his things
Car pulls up, doorbell rings
He don't want to go
He thought he'd found his home
But with circumstnces he can't change
Waves goodbye as they pull away
From the life he's known
For the last seven months or so

She said we found the man who looks like you
Who cried because he never knew
About the boy in pictures that they showed him
A rambler in his younger days
He knew he made a few mistakes
But he swore he would have been there
Had he known it
Son we think we found your dad in Oklahoma

A million thoughts raced threw his mind
What's his name, what's he like and will he be be
Anything like the man in my dreams
She could see the questions in his eyes
Whispered "don't be scared my child
I'll let you know, what we know

ChrousOne last turn he held his breath
Til they reached the fifth house on the left
And al at once teh tears came rollin in
And as they puled into the drive
A man was waiting there outside
Who wiped the worry from his eyes Smiled and took his hand


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