Blaque - Rainbow Drive

Blaque - Rainbow Drive слова, текст песни.

People all over the world
Let's come together
we need some unity and peace among one another
Here's what you do(drive)
Just to let you feel (to)
Release your fears and bring your mind to my point of view

Let's get to Rainbow Drive
Everybody come together and just feel the vibe
Let's get to Rainbow Drive
C'mon let's go together on Rainbow Drive

Let's get to Rainbow Drive
You don't need no money,it's a natural high
Let's get to Rainbow Drive
Forget about your worries,it's gon' be alright

Love and peace on Earth
We've gotta make it work(we gotta make it hey)
If we come together, I promise it'll be worth
The ride, new heights we'll climb (heights will climb)
Our time is too short
we've gotta live our lives


We've got to live together
(We gotta live together,we gotta come together)
When we do one unto the others we pay
My dreams of life you gotta understand (Ha, remember that)
(We gotta live together, we gotta come together)
Might change your life when you understand
That you're only a shade away
Get to Rainbow Drive (let's go)


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