8 Ball - Going To Congamond

8 Ball - Going To Congamond слова, текст песни.

I see your reflection in the rear view
You're sitting next to me but I'm miles from you
And as I look far out into the lake
I've given you all the love you won't take
I better quit for my own sake
I think it was just a big mistake
I dream about you night and day
And wish you were here with me to stay
But as I walk down this rocky beach
You're so far away from my reach
And I just want to run away with you
My love for you is true
Flying past at 90 miles per hour
I picked for you a little flower
For all the times that I thought of you
Do you think of me too?
I love you now more than ever before
I tell you now, I need you forever more

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