Beltanie - Cry Of Insanity

Beltanie - Cry Of Insanity слова, текст песни.

When will you see the burning eyes?
When will you feel the power of fire?
Have you forgotten hurts and lies,
bleeding for stately aim?
Never dies..... cry of insanity.

When will you know the fool and blind?
When will you wake the power of mountains?
Sick of your body, nails in mind.
The eulogy stained with gore.
Suicide..... cry of insanity.

In the name of good they burn your eyes and take your soul
quench your fire, break desire, turn you to a hole
termination, expiration, scar upon my brain
there will be a day when I will wake, so keep me sane!

Fire-up and they will be a poisoned drop in sea

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