Bow Wow - Thank You

Bow Wow - Thank You слова, текст песни.

If you ever bought a tape

Purchased a C.D. or a piece of vinyl

Dj'd my record

Promoted my record

I wanna thank ya'll man from the bottom of my heart

Secondly I wanna dedicate this song to ya'll man

Cause without Ya'll there is no me

(Verse 1)

I could never turn my back on ya'll

Cause ya'll put me where I'm at

So when you call

I'll be there

Just like that

Signing autograps giving daps to all my folks

Telling lil' kids don't follow these dopes

See I'ma keep barking as long as ya'll bark with me

You know the website all you got to do is hit me

As much as the girls like me

You'll think it makes the fella's sick

But they be right with'em, singing not missin a lick

Hair braided rocking somebodies jersey

From up top to out and down in the dirty

Can't forget about the midwest

That's were I was found

That's were I live and Columbus is the town

I got the pen

You got the paper

A C.D. a tape

I sign it then leave

And get a nice big plate of fish

Which is my favorite dish

But without ya'll I couldn't kick it like this


I wanna Thank you

For making me who I am and puttin me where I need to be

I wanna Thank you

For the oppurtunity to do my thang in this industry

I wanna Thank you

For callin to your local stations day after day to play my song

If it was'nt for you there would'nt be no me

And thats why I wanna ride for you

Forever more..... I just wanna thank you!!

(verse 2)

I wanna thank you for the groups that came before me

All of ya'll in the office that promote me on the streets

All the mom and pop stores

That don't get a lot of credit

The spots in the hood

The first one's that said it

All the mix show dj's please keep it comin

Thank you for your support and yes I'm gonna keep it comin

I love how you love that

So I'm given back

Cause ya'll the ones that keep this playa on track

The reason I'm seen is because of you

The reason I'm heard and my dreams came true

Know if you ever made a poster or wrote a fan letter

All I'm tyna do is show you some L-O-V-E

And that you know without ya'll there is no me

JD, JE, the whole SSD

Know if you ride for we

Then I'ma ride for you

From the bottom of my heart, baby tell'em what I wanna do

Repeat chorus

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