A Day Away - Parking Lot Romance

A Day Away - Parking Lot Romance слова, текст песни.

Here I am again and I've been waiting. I took my time and now I'm contemplating what to say to you, I don't know what to do. As you stand there my heart, it starts to tear. The smell of coffee lingers in the air. I dress to impress cuz' these words won't do.

We'll make a wish upon a star, we'll call it your's and what's your's is ours'. We'll make a wish upon this star.

I'm down on my knees and I'll ask you to dance. Hold my hand and just take a chance. This could be our parking lot romance. I'll jump in the car and I just can't wait, this is the best "yes", the best first date I've ever had.

Tell me why I can't hold this in. It takes control and I can't explain it. I've been feeling alone and frustrated for the night. I showed up at your house just around 8. What way to start our first date. I was late and there's no more room for excuses...

Hey girl, remember all those things you said. Hey girl, do you remember my name? Now I'm gone...

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