A Letter For Sally - Promises To Change

A Letter For Sally - Promises To Change слова, текст песни.

Musica e Testo: Luca

Tonight you feel like stranger

So far from home, you’re just scared

My empty silence tries to show to you how I’m…

You believed I could change,

But there are thing you couldn’t explain

Now the price we pay for

This quarrel is to fade away

You cried when you saw me go away

I’m sorry for yesterday

Sorry for the kisses that I never gave you

Sometimes I

Tried to find better way

That I forgot the day after

Promises that I could change

Are losing meaning while my time goes by

One of us was wrong, but

No one admitted what were the fault

I’ll search new light in my darkness

I’ll never forget what happened when

You cried...

Tried to find better way...

The words that I can’t explain

The promises of yesterday

Are fading in our memories

Just leaving us the sour taste of

The hours we lost

To find wrong reason

To say: “Look, I was right!”...

You and me, together we couldn’t try to live

You and I, maybe we was waiting for the end of time

When we was just one human being

And we had something to divide

Hands will search yours here in my bed

I’ll understand I’ll never say: “You are my life...”

My star tonight will be so far

But his light will burn inside my heart

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