A Letter For Sally - Sincerely Unyour

A Letter For Sally - Sincerely Unyour слова, текст песни.

Musica e Testo: Andrea

You care nothing, your wounds now bleeds

You lost your friends in memories

Choices you made are wrong, surely

You took your time but you’re not free

You stomp the ground to make you hear

The light is out lying on the floor

Photos tell you the times are changed

A glorious life transformed in shame…in shame

The truth you asked is faded away

As all the friends of yesterday

The empty space into your soul

Can’t be fulfilled with drugs and alcohol

You sucked the poison out of the wounds... And fill veins with blood

You calmed the pain inside my head... What I was looking for

The one who ignored what violence is... Only happy things

You know the times I fell for you... I can’t trust you know more

You sucked the poison of the wounds...

no more...

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