Air Supply - More Than Natural

Air Supply - More Than Natural слова, текст песни.

(Graham Russell)

Love, I'll help you to see

The world is ours, it used to be

But now it's changed so much

We have to change it back

Soon will be a day

When just a look will be to say

Let's breakaway today

Let's start again, I'll tell you where

I'll tell you when

You came from out of the air

And wrapped in fire

Said don't you be scared

Can't you use your life

To save so many more

Cast my pride away

And had me born again that very day

And now I'm so alive

I'm comin' through

They're teaching me to tell it to you


Oh, I'm more than natural

Way to be

It's the natural remedy

With the natural guarantee

(Repeat Chorus)

Oh, your heart would say

My mind is gone

And ran away

But who's the loser, if you don't know

What I have

A job that's hard to beat

Looking out for holy feet

Treading softly on the ground

Making waves but not a sound

(Repeat Chorus to fade)

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