Air Supply - My Hearts With You

Air Supply - My Hearts With You слова, текст песни.

(Diane Warren)

I know you're leaving

I won't ask you to stay

I won't hold you back

I won't stand in your way

If that's what you've gotta do

I understand

It's not that easy setting you free

But that's how it's gotta be

And as you're walking away

As I'm watching you go

There's one thing I want you to know


Just remember my heart's with you

When the night gets so long and cold

And no one's there to hold

And you're all alone

Take a moment to think of me

And the love that we used to know

And if you ever find you ever need me someday I'm just a heartbeat away, wo

Saying goodbye isn't saying we're through

Just know through it all I'm still here for you

Light a light in the window

When your lost in the dark, ooh

These arms would be happy to hold you again

If ever you miss me or when you

Start thinking about

All the nights that we shared

Darling you know I'll be there

(Repeat Chorus (without last line))

You walk to the door with nothing to say

I look in your eyes and you look away

You're leaving me now, but darling I hope

Hope--that you'll look back someday

(and remember my heart's with you...)

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