Bad Company - Holy Water

Bad Company - Holy Water слова, текст песни.

In my life, there's been changes
But nothing seems to satisfy me the way you do, no
You make it easy, the way you please me, everytime I'm close to you
All this temptation, I can't see wrong from right
It's a new sensation, you know I'm blinded by the light

(Feels like) I'm walking on holy water
Feels like I'm walking on sacred ground, baby
(Feels like) I'm walking on holy water, everytime (that) you come 'round

You were all I ever wanted, never had a girl in my life 'til I met you, oh no
I got a certain feeling, you got my senses reeling
Whenever I get close to you
You're my salvation, I found you just in time
My one temptation, you know I can't believe you're mine


Ooh yeah, it's funny how it see,s like yesterday, lovin' of the first degree
One word was all I heard you say, ooh baby
It's funny what you've done to me, just wanna see you run to me


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