Текст песни Sepultura - Dusted

(Lyrics: Andreas Kisser)(Music: Sepultura)(Rusted propane tank and djembe: Igor Cavalera)(Backing vocals: Andreas Kisser)
You make me mute
Handing the truth
Revealing a farse
Created by your mind

What do you expect
Expoxing your lies
Printed in your eyes
There's no alibi

To cooperate and not be allowed
They're killing my name

Prospect in life
Lost in the line
To cooperate
And just be alive

You gonna fall hading the truth
You gonna crawl finding the truth
To blame myself it's my disgrace
To blame the world by my mistakes


Turning around and
Turning around and
Turning around and
Inside out
Do not diturb!
Leave me alone!
The fear within inside and beyond
The fear within inside and beyond

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