Текст песни Sepultura - Under Siege (regnum Irae)

(Lyrics: Max)
The dual substance of christ
The yearning so human
Of man to attain god
Has always been a deep

Inscrutable mystery to me
My principle anguish and source
Of all my joys and sorrows

Religion domain is all i see
Suffocate the scum with mediocrity
Lying and changing your fate
Anno domini ends - misery

From my youth onward
Has been the incessant
Merciless battle between
The spirit and the flesh
And my soul is the arena
Where these two armies
Have clashed and met

Holy wars unleashing bloody raids
The sacred earth without a face
Consumed by murderous sinners
Psychotic leader

Living in a dying age
Persecute the human race
Triumph of death in the wasteland

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