Текст песни Sepultura - Septic Shizo

At the time of my last pain
I scream,so I can run away
What I see in front of me
Is only the reflection of my insanity

Throwing me to the present
Alone almost in despair
My head throws itself against the wall
Making my blood flow free of me
To be born again,it'll be a sad destiny

To seek death when it's inside of myself
I throw up trying to put it out
I try to sleep sitting on the cold ground

Reminders from the past
Repulsion of the present
Fear of the future
Septis Schizo
Septic Schizo
Septic Schizo

Stained by blood on the face
I see that my life goes by in from of me
As an old movie,I feel not proud of anything
I've done
I scorn myself with anguish

My nerves are blowing
Inside of me my skin burns

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