Текст песни Ween - L.M.L.Y.P. (Prince/Ween)

[Interpolation of Prince's ";Shockadelica"; and ";Alphabet Street";, with extra lyrics by Ween]

Whooa, yeah, whoa, whoa, yeah
Yeah yeah yeah, ahhhhhh, whoa, whoa, yeah

The lights go out, the smell of doom
I'll bet is creeping into your lonely room
The bed's on fire, your fate is sealed
And you're so tired, and the reason is Camille-mille
The girl must be a witch
She's got your mind, body, and soul hitched
You need a second opinion
But she never wears a stitch
So you can't take her home, she's got you tied with a golden rope
She won't let you play your guitar
And when you've cried enough
Maybe she'll let you up
For a nasty ride in her Shockadeli-car
Gonna make you beg!

Gonna make you beg
Gonna make you spread your leg
Gonna want it, gonna get it
And you'll never regret it

[unintelligible rap]

Talk to me lover, come on tell me what you taste
Didn't your mama tell you life is to good to waste?
Didn't she tell you that Lovesexy was the glam of them all?
If you can hang, you can trip on it
You surely won't fall
No side effects and the feeling last forever
Straight up - it tastes good
It makes you feel clever
You kiss your enemies like you know you should
Then you jerk your body like a horny pony would
You jerk your body like a horny pony would
Now run and tell your mama about that!

Let me lick your pussy, let me lick your cunt
Let me eat your body, baby, let me make you squeal and grunt
Let me show you how to please me baby
Let me show you how to tease me baby
Baby baby babe get down on your knees
Let me lick your pussy
Let me lick your pussy
Let me lick your pussy

Come on baby, I got somethin' to say
Let me lick your pussy
I wanna say I wanna lick your pussy
Let me lick your pussy
I ain't messin' around - I ain't messin' around
I'm sayin' baby
Let me lick your pussy
Let me lick your pussy
Let me lick your pussy

Oh baby, come here, let me tell you somethin'
How's your pussy baby?
Now we've all got something, you know what I mean?
You've got your pussy
Right there between your legs, baby
You know what it is, don't you? It's a pussy!
Oooh yeah!
You know what I wanna do what that pussy, baby?
You know what I wanna do?
Yeah, don't you, don't you, baby
Take it out, wanna take it to town
Make it feel good for me, bring it back to my place
Then I'm gonna...can you imagine baby?

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