Текст песни Ween - Marble Tulip Juicy Tree

I don't know you you are, I don't know who you want to be
When I carbonate the test tube, then you won't see me
I've got a twin cab diesel combo, it takes me where I want to go
And all the nuphies are happy, they know of a fungus that grow
So when you see Hoecke's mind screw don't come running to me
Or I will scream and set aflame marble tulip juicy tree

Marble tulip juicy tree -- it's where I want to be
When I gnaw on the tulip it'll wish that it was me

Every morning I put my shoes on and I think about she
Who controls the four seasons inhaling kitties in the see
It's like a noodle in a salad -- little birdy wants to be set free-ee
I drill the corpse lobe with my mommy -- marble tulip juicy tree
So this song's about the loving thing that you are to me
Just stay away from my adenoids and marble tulip juicy tree

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