Текст песни Ween - Dr. Rock

Try modulating and articulating all the feelings that I have for you
Dr. Rock -- help me out for I need to shout it
Dr. Rock -- quickly Derek run & get your mammy
There is no denying that you been supplying in a slathering ball of flesh
Dr. Rock -- the light of death is gonna shine again
Dr. Rock -- and IЎЇll let you in the notes...

DonЎЇt conceal your tragic flaw -- give the Dr. Rock a call
Dr. Rock -- come quickly to see the scene
Dr. Rock -- got everything that you need
You're the apple of my eye -- but with some aid I feel you'll die
Dr. Rock -- save the soul from a bottomless pit
Dr. Rock -- and see what you can make of it

You like to fly... Ahhhhhh Ahhhh Ahhhh

You like the suffocating on a small crustation as you hammered your way to the truth
Dr. Rock -- was examined by an Indian eye
Dr. Rock -- another lie that youЎЇre going to die

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