Текст песни Ludacris - Come On Over

Girl we minus well see what’s up wit them niggas
Yeah; oh, oh what’s up
This 20 this 20
Oh okay yeah yeah
Yeah yeah so what’s up man
So what’s up y’all going to come thru or not
Yeah we going to come thru there
Alright that’s a bet
Let me go on and tell you how to get here
You ready
O.k. you go shit
Let me let Chris tell you hold on
Yeah o.k. you go 85 south
You get off on old national highway
Make a left
You going to come all the way down till you get to Creal road
Make a right on Creal
Then you just going to keep coming down
You going to see this big ass white Mansion on the right hand side
Hell yeah
It’s going to be this convertible Jag in the driveway
Range Rover all black
Hell yeah
We like right next door and shit in this hood house man
The door kind of fucked up so you going to have to climb thru the window is that kool
What the fuck hell no nigga

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