Текст песни Ludacris - 1st & 10

Verse 1:

I started wit 10 Mack 10’s
10 clips and 10 piers
Got 10 times richer in the span of 10 years
Bitch I’m10 times 2 on a scale from 1 to 10
I’ll battle 10 crews wit the strength of 10 men
At 9 I was into crime sex and drugs pushing an
89 block Chevy sittin on dubs
9 thugs all ski mask black suited wit gloves
Ready to imprint yo chest wit at least 9 slugs
Man I ate 8 clips wit 8 tricks
Watching 8 flicks
Use 86 if you ate pussy wit fake lips
I figure 8 when my mind goes in circles
Did I do that or was it Mr. Colored Irkle
Or the 7 AK 47’s so what
I got 7 seven hoes stopping by 7 to 4
They’ll put 7 in your chest 7 days a week
And add a foot for good measure
You’ll be seven feet deep

It goes 10,9,8,7,6,5,4
3.2. Murder 1 lyrics at your door
These DTP niggas come ready for war
So don’t start the fucking game until you settle the score

Verse 2:

I got six hoes distributing on six blocks
Is glistering from cops trying to stop
These rock from disturbing
Six gunshots left I palm boxes before the pigeon hit
It’s street justice not its six holes in your casket
Get me a high 5 and I’ll put the gun lower than your esophagus
Smack you so hard that you have to come wit 2 pacalyps
5 stars 20 rims
5 cars
I’d add mare but I had to subtract one from 5 bars
I got 4 44’s on the rip on the floor
For you niggas talking shit
I’m finna show you what for
I did 4 month in the bing instead of a hearse
Now it’s DPT for life
4 better or worse
I fucked 3 best friend ran all three the same game
In these street I’m all murder
I get three and each names
I’m three time insane
3 shot a cave yo brain on 3 fire when ready
cock back and aim


Verse 3:

I’m packing 2 22’s and twice the ammunition
But at Friday the 13th what up now superstition
I’m a 2 timer wit a couple of twins
Double Jeopardy
Wit a pair of 2 deuces in a 2 seater Benz
I got madow get dough till you go
I got a main lady the rest of y’all is Hoes
I numero uno wit a more before I go
If you think I ain’t a bitch you too slow
And all you zero ass nigga ain’t nothing to me
Because I chop up O’s move dro and top keys
06 is my click along wit PC
Pretty Rick, Kalill, V-slim and Shawn Dree’s


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